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Remember Heather Heyer [ENG]

Remember Heather Heyer – fight fascism worldwide!
Heather Heyer Memorial Demonstration

Pariser Platz, in front of the United States Embassy in Berlin on 12 August 2019

On 12 August 2019 we want to commemorate antifascist activist Heather Heyer, and at the same time demonstrate against this worldwide shift to the right, against racism and far-right aggression, against the Trump government and its allies, from the alt-right to the Ku Klux Klan.

12.08.2019 | 18:30 | US Embassy, Pariser Platz

Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old US activist, was murdered by a self-proclaimed neo-Nazi during an anti-fascist protest against members of the alt-right, the Ku Klux Klan and other right-wing groups who had gathered for a march in Charlottesville, Virginia, on 12 August 2017. At the protest, the right-wing assassin James Alex Fields intentionally drove his car into a crowd of people, killing Heather Heyer and injuring another 19 individuals. In December 2018, Fields was found guilty of first-degree murder in Heather’s death. Remembering Heather Heyer is to remember all the people who have died as a result of right-wing hatred and of racist and nationalist policies worldwide. In this context, it is important to continually remember the sources of this hate. It is this hate that motivates perpetrators. And this hate has its sources in the seats of power, from which politicians spew anger at minority populations and are thus directly responsible for the violence and dying their daily aggression inspires.

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